Complete an Intake Form

Thank you for your interest in the Law Office of Charles and Associates. As a potential new client, you can proceed to complete an intake form, relevant to the type of matter you intend to pursue. This form is used to collect information about the potential matter and is used for internal purposes only. The information you provide is confidential and will be treated accordingly. Please note that the completion of an Intake Form does not create an Attorney-Client relationship. Upon completion, we would contact you to convene a consultation.

We have categorized our forms, to make it easy for you to complete the form that is most appropriate to your matter. If you are unable to identify a form that relates to your matter, please complete the GENERAL INTAKE FORM



Child Maintenance matter Intake Form 

Divorce matter Client Intake Form

Child Custody/ Time Sharing/ Child Support Intake Form

Adoption Intake Form

Guardianship Application Intake Form

Prenuptial Agreement Intake Form



Civil Litigation Intake Form

Personal Injury/Auto Accident Intake Form

Debt Collection Intake Form

Client Intake Form (I would like to sue someone for Defamation or Slander)

Client Intake Form (Someone is suing me for Defamation or Slander)

Medical Negligence (Malpractice) Intake Form

Injunction Application Intake Form

Breach of Contract Client Intake Form

Construction Agreements/Matters Intake Form

Enforcement of Judgement Intake Form

Registration of Foreign Court Order Intake Form

Asset Sale Agreement Intake Form



Squatters’ Rights/ Adverse possession Intake Form

Recovery of possession Intake Form (Land and/or Land and building)

Property/Conveyancing Intake Form (Purchasers)

Property/Conveyancing Intake Form (Transfer pursuant to a Gift)

Landlord and Tenant (Lease Preparation) Intake Form

Property/Conveyancing Intake Form (Beneficiary of property)

Landlord and Tenant (Dispute) Intake Form

Property/Conveyancing Intake Form (Vendors)

Property Dispute Intake Form

Rights of Way and Easement Intake Form

Real Estate Intake Form

Timeshare Transfer Client Intake Form



Probate and Letters of Administration Litigation Intake Form

Dispute with an Estate Intake Form

Probate (Resealing) Intake Form

Simple Will Intake Form

Contesting a Will Intake Form

Power of Attorney Intake Form



Company Incorporation/ Business Registration Intake Form

Nevis Trust Formation Intake Form

Registering a Business in Trinidad & Tobago Intake Form

Registering a Business in St. Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis Intake Form  



Wrongful or Unfair Termination Intake Form

Workplace Victimization, Discrimination or Harassment Intake Form



Petition for Alien Relative (United States) Intake Form

Citizenship by Investment Intake Form

Caricom Skilled Certificate Application Intake Form

Residency Application Intake Form

Application for Trinidad and Tobago Passport (by Descent) Intake Form – UK (British applicant) 


PROCEDURAL MATTERS (Requires a procedure to be followed):

Deed Poll Intake Form

Contesting a Traffic Ticket/Violation Intake Form

Probate and Letters of Administration Intake Form

Immigration matter Intake Form

Lost, Stolen, Damaged/Destroyed Passports Intake Form 

Alien Land Holding Application Intake Form

Plea in Mitigation Fact Sheet Intake Form

Bankruptcy Intake Form



Intellectual Property (Copyright)  Intake Form

Intellectual Property (Patent) Intake Form