What you need to know before setting off fireworks this Season?

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December 29, 2019
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What you need to know before setting off fireworks this Season?

Fireworks is often very prominent during the Christmas/ New Year season.

The use of fireworks must be observed in accordance with the Summary Offences Act Chapter 11:02of the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago. According to Section 99 of the Act, “any person who throws, casts, sets fire to, or lets off any fireworks within any town is liable to a fine of one thousand dollars”.

In Trinidad and Tobago, persons are required to first seek the permission of the Commissioner of Police before setting off any fireworks. In particular, Regulation 2 of the Fireworks Permits Regulations made under Section 101 of the Act, states that “The Commissioner of Police or any Superintendent of Police authorized by him in writing may grant to any person or persons a written permission prescribing the time, place and conditions at or on which such person or persons may throw, cast, set fire to or let off any firework or fireworks in a town. The Commissioner or Superintendent of Police so granting permission may at any time cancel or vary such permission”.

Even after authority is given to use fireworks, you must be very responsible in its use. You are urged to take proper safety measures in order to help prevent accidents and/or injury. 

Fireworks are not to be used indoors, near dry grass or anywhere that may cause injury to persons, animals or damage to property and should not be sold to any child under the age of 16. Be sure to have a bucket of water closeby and/or a fire extinguisher nearby. Persons are also encouraged to ensure that steps are taken to properly secure their pets. 

We thought it prudent to add that you should also ensure you adhere to the Explosives (Prohibition of Search Bombs) Order 2018, in keeping with Section 37 of the Explosives Act Chapter 16:02. The Order prohibits persons from manufacturing, importing, keeping, conveying or selling a scratch bomb. Persons found breaching the Order may be liable upon indictment, to a fine of $20,000.00 or ten years imprisonment or forfeiture of the items.